6 Essential Oils For Restless Leg Syndrome

Updated May, 2021
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While there are several treatments for restless legs syndrome, many people have found relief with essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass are just a few of the options that provide therapeutic effects and help relax your muscles. You can massage into your skin and apply to your bath to start enjoying their soothing effects.

What is restless legs syndrome (RLS)?

Restless legs syndrome is a condition that creates a strong urge to move your legs. Many people describe experiencing a tingling or itching sensation in the legs, and they just have to move. This condition is most likely to appear when you're lying down or sitting, which is why many people struggle with RLS when they're trying to sleep.

While RLS can occur at any age, it's more prone to older individuals. Without treatment, it can disrupt sleeping patterns. It's important to talk with your doctor if RLS disrupts your life too severely. While medications are available, some people find relief with simple lifestyle changes or with essential oils.

What are the best essential oils to treat RLS?

There's no cure for restless legs syndrome. But there are treatments to help you manage the sensations. One popular remedy involves essential oils. Several options are available that seem to work well for RLS. Choose any of the following oils to either massage into your skin or apply to a bath to start enjoying their therapeutic properties.

  • Lavender essential oil - This oil comes from the distillation of flowers within certain lavender species. It helps to calm the body and mind by dilating blood vessels to alleviate stress.
  • Peppermint essential oil - Derived from the peppermint plant, this essential oil assists with many different types of pain. It's refreshing and uplifting for anyone who suffers from muscular pain or aching joints.
  • Lemongrass essential oil - From the lemongrass plant, this oil helps promote better blood circulation. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and can even help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Vetiver essential oil - The vetiver plant is native to India. Its extract is wonderful for muscle aches and pains. It's a great aid for stimulating blood circulation.
  • Marjoram essential oil - Marjoram is a perennial herb from the Mediterranean that can be made into a fantastic essential oil. It contains soothing, warming properties that are great for relieving muscle aches. It's recommended for anyone with RLS, indigestion, or arthritis pain.
  • Ginger essential oil - Through distillation of the ginger rhizome, this essential oil offers pain relief. In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, it also works as a mild sedative.

Study links lavender oil massage with RLS relief

Researchers conducted a recent study to examine the effect of lavender oil on RLS relief. The clinical trial included 70 hemodialysis patients who were placed in two separate groups. One group received lavender oil in addition to standard RLS treatments. The other group only received RLS treatments with no essential oil.

The researchers concluded that lavender essential oil helped improve RLS symptoms in patients compared to those who only receive routine treatment. There were zero adverse side effects. And it was a cost-effective, practical measure to implement.

There's help available when you look for it. You may need to follow other treatments prescribed by your doctor. But lavender essential oil can be implemented to great effect.

Will a new mattress help with restless legs?

Even after using essential oils, you may still find yourself struggling to fall asleep. While RLS can keep you up, you can also have problems sleeping if you're on an old, worn out mattress.

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