Why Am I So Tired In The Morning? (2021)

Updated May, 2021
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If you consistently wake up tired, it could have to do with your lifestyle. Sleep inertia, or your body's immediate response to wakefulness, causes many people to feel sluggish shortly after getting out of bed. Other reasons you might feel tired include, what you consume before bed, your mental health, and your sleep environment. These all impact your quality of sleep.

Has my lifestyle changed?

Have you recently moved? Had a child? Started a new job? Recent changes in lifestyle can negatively impact your quality of sleep, causing you to wake feeling unrested.

Lack of sleep

We all know that poor sleep quality leaves us feeling tired, irritable, and sometimes depressed. If you're not sleeping well, it could be something you consume right before bed, or the daily stresses of life, or something in your environment: a bright blue light, an old mattress, or even your sleeping partner can hurt your quality of sleep.

Eating and drinking habits

Many things you eat and drink on a regular basis has been proven to reduce the quality of your sleep. Alcohol, for example, decreases your ability to enter REM sleep. Sugar stimulates the brain, keeps you awake, and causes nightmares. Even eating fried food at dinner can keep you up at night by agitating your stomach acids. If you consume any of the following items regularly, especially right before bed, it might be time to consider a life change.

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar (particularly really sugary desserts, like ice cream)
  • Fried foods (french fries, onion rings, and fried chicken, to name a few)
  • Fruit
  • Caffeinated beverages (such as coffee, soda, and tea).

Stress and anxiety

Your mental health has a huge impact on how you sleep. If you spend sleepless nights worrying about your health, your children, or your job, it's no wonder you have a hard time sleeping! Anxious minds have a hard time resting, and if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night with excessive worry, it's important to practice regular anxiety reduction techniques before bed to give yourself a fighting chance at a restful night. If you need help getting your mental health under control, contact your doctor or therapist for help.

What can I do to feel well-rested?

There are a few things you can do to improve your quality of sleep, and many of them are easier than you think!

  • Reduce screen time on your computer/mobile devices.
  • Watch what you eat! Cut out alcohol, caffeine, and sugar (especially before bed).
  • Find methods to soothe your stress and anxiety.
  • Change your sleep environment (buy a pair of blackout curtains, reduce noise, consider a new mattress).

How the right mattress can improve your sleep

It may have been years since you last thought of your mattress. But a mattress is a fundamental part of developing a healthy sleep pattern. If your mattress is old, out of shape, and uncomfortable, it's no wonder you aren't sleeping well! Searching for a new mattress can be a chore, but ultimately it's an important part of your relationship with sleep and will help you achieve deep, restful sleep.

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