Why Do I Wake Up Tired? (2021)

Updated May, 2021
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If you're waking up tired, chances are it has to do with your lifestyle. Certain foods, such as fruits and sugar, have been proven to impact your nightly sleep cycle. Your mental health is also an important factor in whether you get meaningful rest at night. But if you're struggling with daytime fatigue, the first step is to rule out any recent changes to your daily life.

Has my lifestyle changed?

Have you recently moved? Had a child? Started a new job? Recent changes in lifestyle can negatively impact your quality of sleep, causing you to wake feeling unrested. In turn, this can lead to a reduced energy level throughout the day.

Lack of sleep

Poor sleep quality leaves you feeling tired, irritable, and sometimes depressed. If you're not sleeping well, it could be something you consume right before bed, or the daily stresses of life, or something in your environment: a bright blue light, an old mattress, or even your sleeping partner can hurt your quality of sleep.

Eating and drinking habits

Many things you consume on a regular basis can impact your sleep. While the list is wide-ranging, the most common include:

  • Alcohol (it impacts your body's ability to get into and stay into REM sleep)
  • Sugar (particularly really sugary desserts, like ice cream)
  • Fried foods (french fries, onion rings, and fried chicken, to name a few)
  • Fruit (this is due to the high level of sugars in certain fruits)

Stress and anxiety

If you spend sleepless nights worrying about your health, your children, or your job, it's no wonder you have a hard time sleeping! Anxious minds have a hard time resting, and if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night with excessive worry, it's important to practice regular anxiety reduction techniques before bed to give yourself a fighting chance at a restful night. Some common practices for stress and anxiety reduction include:

  • Talk therapy
  • Yoga
  • Deep breathing

What can I do to feel well-rested?

While it might seem hopeless, there are many small things you can do to cultivate a restful night's sleep.

  • Relax before bed.
  • Reduce screen time on your computer/mobile devices.
  • Change your sleep environment (buy a pair of blackout curtains, reduce noise, consider a new mattress).

How the right mattress can improve your sleep

Investing in a new mattress helps you find the comfort you need to achieve deep sleep and increase your level of productive rest. If you're looking to help control your sleep environment and experience a more restful sleep, finding a new mattress is a wise step in the right direction.

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