Aireloom Firm Mattresses Review

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While this is a fantastic mattress at this price point, our #1 pick for 2023 is SAATVA mattress. Saatva is a luxury mattress shipped to your door (unlike other bed in a box brands dropped off on your doorstep) w/ FREE white-glove delivery & setup. They have over 50,000 5-star reviews, and they're incredibly comfortable (for all sleep positions).

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For over 80 years, Aireloom firm mattresses have been handcrafted in California and exclusively distributed in America. These mattresses are the perfect balance between superior support and luxurious comfort. They include Aireloom Lift technology, eco-friendly materials, high-density foam, and more. Get your Aireloom Firm Mattress, today!

Pick Aireloom Firm Mattresses if...

  • You want an environmentally friendly mattress: Aireloom's firm mattress collection uses only natural materials. This includes natural Talalay latex, organic cotton, wool, and cashmere.
  • You want luxury: Aireloom's firm mattresses are designed for comfort and support. These mattresses all come with patented Aireloom Lift technology to cradle you during the night. This leads to a luxurious amount of cushioning and superior comfort.  
  • You prefer local products: Aireloom's firm mattresses are exclusively made and distributed in the U.S. Originally handcrafted in California, purchasing Aireloom's mattresses allows you to support a local business.

Seek alternatives to Aireloom Firm Mattresses if...

  • You're on a tight budget: Aireloom's range of firm mattresses aren't the most affordable mattresses on the market, with some models priced over $9800. If you're looking to save money, then you may want to consider another brand, such as Saatva.
  • You're a side sleeper: The Aireloom firm mattress isn't designed to give way for your hips or shoulders when you sleep on your side, leading to pain and poor quality sleep. Side sleepers need cushioning support in these areas to avoid unwanted pressure. In this case, a great alternative is the Saatva Classic which is available in Plush Soft.


Aireloom firm mattresses are handcrafted and designed to give you the best support possible. They allow for superior weight distribution, with signature Aireloom Lift technology to make you feel cradled. They're perfect for those who sleep on their stomach or back, with enough firmness to keep your spine aligned. Overall, these mattresses have a luxurious feel with high-quality materials that create a solid, yet comfortable base for you to lay on.

Construction & Design

  • Height: Aireloom firm mattresses vary in heights between 12.5'' and 15.5''.  
  • Independently wrapped coils: The springs in the Aireloom firm mattress range are individually wrapped. This allows you to experience superior innerspring support and a longer-lasting mattress.  
  • Airebraid™ Performance Fabric: The Airebraid™ Performance Fabric is designed to promote improved air circulation and temperature regulation in your mattress.
  • Aireloom Lift Technology: Patented Aireloom Lift creates an air chamber in the middle of your firm mattress. This provides a weightless, cloud-like sleep and allows you to feel cradled at the same time. Aireloom Lift is designed to lift around any pressure points that cause pain to provide relief.
  • High-tech SeaCell™ Fabric: This material is a yarn that's made from a combination of ground seaweed and sustainably farmed eucalyptus. It's both organic and hypoallergenic, giving you an eco-friendly mattress.
  • High-Density Foam Encasement: The high-density foam edge support system increases the durability of your mattress surface area, preventing roll-off.
  • Luma SilverTech™ Cool Memory Foam: Aireloom's firm mattresses comes with exclusive technology that has nanoparticles of silver and aluminum. This technology keeps your mattress quality high and long-lasting.
  • Eco-friendly materials: Aireloom firm mattresses use natural fibers, such as cashmere, wool, organic cotton, and high-tech SeaCell.
  • NGMatt™ technology: This advanced technology is designed to give you the correct amount of support where necessary. It learns from your sleeping patterns and style to give you a revitalizing night's rest.
  • Energex Core System: This supportive base layer gives you a higher response-rate and superior support, but without the springs.
  • Temperature regulation: The Talalay latex in each of Aireloom's latex mattresses is designed to give your mattress more breathability and a cooling effect.  

Motion Isolation

Aireloom's firm mattresses have great motion isolation due to the exclusive Aireloom Lift technology and high-density foam. There's a large range of different models to choose from, each offering different benefits. This gives you a variety of options to find the ideal motion isolation for you.

The best mattress for partners looking for a great bounce rate is from the Preferred Collection, as these mattresses include Airebraid™ performance fabric. If you prefer to have a mattress that doesn't have much bounce, then the Aspire Hybrid collection is best for you. It includes Luma SilverTech™ Cool Memory Foam for extra cushioning and comfort.  

If you want to take your sleeping comfort to the next level, then the Adapt/React Aireloom firm mattress is ideal. It uses NGMatt™ technology to learn from your sleeping patterns and adjust accordingly.

Edge Support

Aireloom's firm mattresses perform relatively well at providing edge support. They each feature a high-density foam encasement, as well as Aireloom's Lift technology. This ensures that the bed's surface area is cushioning and supportive, preventing roll-off. Their independently wrapped coil system also helps to create a sturdy edge that doesn't easily sag when sat on.

Bed Frame Compatibility

Aireloom's range of firm mattresses is suitable for most bed frames. You're able to use them on platform beds, wooden slats, box springs, and adjustable beds.


Aireloom's website doesn't allow you to make purchases, instead, you need to find an authorized Aireloom retailer. Shipping policies, returns, and warranties vary, depending on the retailer.

Why Buy Aireloom Firm Mattresses?

  1. You have persistent allergies: Aireloom's firm mattresses are all made with organic, hypoallergenic materials that won't trigger your allergies.
  2. You live in a hot climate: Aireloom's firm mattresses come with cooling latex that uses breathing holes to improve fresh airflow. This design helps the cool air to come through and regulate your temperature.
  3. You sleep on your stomach or back: Aireloom's firm mattresses are all designed to give you optimal spinal support while you sleep on your back or stomach. This allows you to increase the quality of your sleep and improve your overall health.

Why Avoid Aireloom Firm Mattresses?

  1. You don't like third-party shopping: Aireloom doesn't sell their mattresses directly from their website, they use a host of third-party retailers. If you want an exclusive online-only shopping experience, Aireloom isn't the right brand for you. Instead opt for Saatva. They provide a quick and easy purchase experience, plus each mattress comes with their white glove delivery service and setup!

Final Takeaway

Aireloom Firm Mattresses are an excellent option if you want a balance between cushioning comfort and sufficient spinal support. These are also surprisingly comfortable. You can get Aireloom Firm Mattresses at a great price, today!

While this is a fantastic mattress at this price point, our #1 pick for 2023 is SAATVA mattress. Saatva is a luxury mattress shipped to your door (unlike other bed in a box brands dropped off on your doorstep) w/ FREE white-glove delivery & setup. They have over 50,000 5-star reviews, and they're incredibly comfortable (for all sleep positions).

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