Bowles Mattress Review

Updated May, 2021
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Founded in 1975, Bowles Mattress Company is a family-owned business located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. They manufacture and distribute over 30 different types of mattresses, including an exclusive hotel collection. Their beds span every type of budget and they even have the ability to make any custom size and shaped mattress to suit your needs.

Pick Bowles Mattress if...

  • You love variety. Bowles produces over 30 mattress models ranging from luxury to economy, from innerspring and flippable style beds, and everything in between. They have a mattress that fits nearly every sleeper type and budget.
  • You need a custom made mattress. Whether you need a mattress to fit your camper, RV, or antique bed frame, Bowles has the capability of making any sized and shaped bed you want.
  • You want a mattress from a trusted brand. The Bowles family has been in business for over 40 years, starting the company in 1975. Each mattress is built by a craftsman with more than 21 years experience.

Seek alternatives to Bowles Mattress if...

  • You live outside of their distribution area. Bowles mattresses are sold and distributed throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Southern Ohio. While they do have the capability to ship outside of this region, you're responsible for the full shipping price and delivery can take weeks.


Bowles has mattresses categorized into nine different series, each with their own firmness level.

  • Gold Series: Their premier line, these mattresses are built with a combination of micro coils, latex, and memory foam. It's a luxury sleep system with a softer feel, rating 4-5/10 on the firmness scale.
  • Performance Hybrids: Built with micro coils, latex, gel-infused memory foam, and edge performance individually wrapped coils, these beds provide luxury support
  • with beds ranging from 3-7.5/10 on the firmness scale.
  • Performance Memory Foam: This collection features pressure relieving all-foam beds with firmness levels ranging from 3.5-6.5/10
  • Performance Latex: Similar to the memory foam line, it provides beds ranging from 3.5-6.5/10 with a more bouncy feel.
  • Silver Plus Series: Constructed with a zoned system of individually wrapped springs and gel-infused memory foam, it has a neutral feel sitting around a 5-6.5/10 on the firmness scale.
  • Silver Series: Features high-density foams and a pocketed coil system, these beds provide contour comfort with added lumbar support. This collection ranges from 4-7.5/10 on the firmness scale.
  • HD Series: Built for strength and durability, this collection uses a 12.5 gauge spring system and 10 steel edge supports for a firm to extra firm feel, rating 8-9.5/10 on the firmness scale.
  • Resort Series: Features beds with an overall neutral feel and enhanced lumbar support. They're built with a posturized spring system rating 6-7.5/10 on the firmness scale.
  • Season Series: Their economy line, these beds are built with a 13 gauge spring system and are pretty firm, rating 7.5-8/10 on the firmness scale.

Construction & Design

  • Offers mattresses in a variety of styles including innerspring, foam, and hybrid at price points for every budget.
  • Bowles has a selection of 2-sided mattresses that can be both flipped and turned.
  • Custom sizes are an option with multiple mattresses in the Bowles mattress line, including beds for campers, trucks, waterbeds, horse trailers, round beds, and antique beds.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam is probably the best material at isolating motion, so if this is a priority for you, the Bowles Performance Memory Foam Series is your best option. These beds feature high-density poly foam and gel-infused memory foam that absorb movements incredibly well. This feature is a great option for couples, especially if you have a particularly active sleep partner.

Edge Support

However, the Performance Memory Foam Series does a subpar job at providing ample edge support. Couples looking for a bed that has decent edge support and absorbs motion reasonably well should consider the Silver Plus Series. The mattresses in this collection feature individually wrapped coils and zoned spring systems which resist sagging and prevent roll off.

Bed Frame Compatibility

Bowles mattresses are compatible with a wide range of bed frames, including:

  • Platform Beds
  • Slatted Bases
  • Adjustable Bases
  • Box Springs


All Bowles mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty. The return policy is not transparent on their website, so it's best to contact Bowles directly via phone or email if you're looking to return or exchange your mattress. If you're outside of their distribution region, you're going to have to contact Bowles to generate a shipping quote and estimated delivery time.

Why Buy Bowles Mattress?

  • You need extra support. Larger individuals who need a bed that's incredibly durable should do fairly well on a model from the Bowles HD Series line. Built with a 12.5 gauge spring system and 10 steel edge supports, these mattresses are made specifically to provide extra strong, sturdy support.
  • You want hotel quality sleep, at home. Bowles Mattress Company is the exclusive mattress supplier for West Baden Springs Hotel-recognized as one of the top rated sleep hotels in the country. If you tend to sleep better when on vacation, you can now bring home a hotel quality mattress to sleep on every single night as Bowles has released 3 models for sale to the general public.
  • You want a mattress with longevity. Unlike most national brands, Bowles offers several dual-sided mattresses. These mattresses are flippable, and therefore last twice as long as traditional one-sided beds.

Why Avoid Bowles Mattress?

  1. You want to shop entirely online. Bowles doesn't allow you to purchase their mattresses directly on their website. If you want a Bowles mattress, you have to visit one of their showrooms or give them a call. While this works for some, it may be inconvenient for others. In this case, we recommend Saatva. Not only can you purchase one of their luxury mattresses directly on their website, they ship nationwide with free white glove delivery.

Final Takeaway

Bowles is a great choice if you want a variety of options at a price point for every budget. Their mattresses are also surprisingly comfortable. You can get a great deal on a Bowles mattress, today!

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