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Updated October, 2020
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Classic Brands has several different adjustable beds available. Each one comes with its own unique features with some options including massage capabilities and USB ports. You can find the perfect bed to support your mattress and keep you comfortable for hours at a time.

Who is Classic Brands?

The Classic Corporation got its start back in 1971. For many years, the company sold waterbeds. But in the beginning of the 21st century, the company expanded its offerings to include latex and memory foam mattresses. Soon, the company sold bed frames, pillows, and other bedroom accessories to help people sleep better.

Today, Classic Brands continues to abide by tradition while striving for innovation. The company remains on the cutting-edge of the sleeping market with unique, high-quality products that come at affordable prices.

What models of adjustable bases does Classic Brands offer?

Classic Brands offers 3 distinct adjustable bases. Each one comes with different accessories and features. When you know what's most important to you when getting a good night's rest, you can purchase the best base for your needs.

  • Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic Bed Base - The low-cost option that comes with a wireless remote and separate head-and-foot elevation.
  • Adjustable Comfort Posture+ Adjustable Bed Base - Comes with everything in the previous model along with 3-speed vibration massagers and programmable positions.
  • Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Remote, USB Port and Massage - Comes with everything in the previous model along with 2 USB ports.  

These adjustable bases come available in a variety of sizes. You can get one for your Twin XL, Full, Queen, or King mattress.

What are the benefits of an adjustable base?

If you've never considered an adjustable base before, then you really should start. There are plenty of ways to benefit, especially if you tend to have trouble going to sleep at night.

  • Alleviates numerous sleeping problems - Sleep apnea and chronic snoring can keep you and your partner up at night. With elevation at the head, you help open your airways so that you can breathe more easily.
  • Improve leg swelling - Illnesses, pregnancy, and leg injuries can result in swelling. You can prevent this and the accompanying discomfort by elevating your legs while lying in bed.
  • Limit heartburn and acid reflux - You should avoid eating large meals right before bed. But even if you do that, you may still have uncomfortable acid reflux at night. You can keep stomach acid in its place by raising your head.

How do you choose the right adjustable base?

Every adjustable base is different. You want to look at the features that come with each model and then decide which ones you need the most.

  • Preset positions - You may know exactly how elevated your bed needs to be to keep you comfortable. Some bases allow you to preprogram certain positions. You just need to press a button once to get your bed the way you like it.
  • Massagers - One of the more popular features is a massager. Your adjustable bed can vibrate you to sleep. It's like having a spa in your bedroom.
  • USB outlets - You may want to charge your phone or tablet while you sleep. With USB ports, you can keep your electronics by your bedside. They're ready to go when you wake up in the morning.

What types of mattresses work with adjustable bases?

Pretty much any mattress works well with an adjustable base. If you're getting a new base, then it can also be a good idea to get a new mattress to go along with it. That way you end up sleeping in total comfort.

  • Memory foam - This material allows your body to sink slightly into your mattress. It cradles your body, conforming to your natural curvature. It does the same thing with a movable base.
  • Latex - Latex is a sturdier material. It helps you maintain proper spinal alignment as you sleep. It's a good idea to get a thinner latex mattress to go along with your adjustable base.
  • Hybrid - Hybrid mattresses include a combination of materials, including memory foam, coils, and more. The various layers work together to support your body. This flexibility allows them to work exceptionally well with adjustable bases.

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