The Pros and Cons of Hofish Adjustable Beds

Updated October, 2020
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Hofish offers an excellent adjustable base, as well as other beneficial bedding, to help you get a good night's rest. While it's easy to assemble and comes with other advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider. Namely, it doesn't come a massage feature, which a lot of people want with their adjustable bed.

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable base is a type of bed that can move independently and be raised at will. As a result, people can raise their heads or feet at night to help enhance blood and oxygen flow. It's highly recommended to people recovering from surgeries, which is why they're often found in hospitals. But now, anyone can get their hands on an exceptional Hofish adjustable bed.

Who can benefit from an adjustable bed?

Anyone who wants greater comfort at night can benefit from an adjustable bed. But they're highly recommended for people with certain medical conditions. If you have any of the following, then you should talk to your doctor to see if an adjustable base is right for you.

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Acid reflux
  • Heart problems
  • Swollen feet or legs

What are the pros and cons of Hofish beds?


  • Easy assembly - It only takes 3 mere minutes to put a Hofish adjustable bed together. No other base can claim such a feat.
  • 4 USB ports - You can charge your smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth headset while you rest right by your bed. That way if you need your phone in the middle of the night, it's right there fully charged for you.
  • Noise-free movements - Some adjustable beds can get pretty noisy when you adjust the elevation. That's not the case with a Hofish bed, which stays quiet during operation.


  • No massage features - Many adjustable bases come with massager capabilities to vibrate you to sleep. Unfortunately, you don't get that with a Hofish bed.
  • Not a wall hugger - A wall hugger adjustable bed keeps you in the same place even as it raises and lowers the base. Hofish doesn't have this capability. That means when you're raised up, you may not be able to grab your phone off the nightstand as easily.

What makes Hofish adjustable beds special?

Every adjustable base has its pros and cons. But there are some truly outstanding features you can find with a Hofish bed that really makes it worth considering.

  • Programmable positions - Once you get your adjustable base, you're probably going to find you want your bed in one particular position all the time. With the Hofish bed, you can program your bed to automatically elevate with the push of a button.
  • Movable pocket - The last thing you want to do is misplace your wireless remote for your Hofish bed. Luckily, the bed comes with a pocket right on the bed. You can move it around so that the remote is always within reach.
  • Adjustable bed legs - How high do you want your bed off the ground? The Hofish model comes with varying legs, so you can adjust as necessary. 4", 7", and 10.5" legs come with your purchase.

What types of mattresses work with adjustable bases?

Upon buying a new adjustable base, you may realize you also need a new mattress. Luckily, you have some options as several different types of mattresses work well with these bases.

  • Memory foam - It works exceptionally well at adapting to the natural curves of your body. It also adapts to the base, moving in tandem with the changing elevations.
  • Latex - It's more rigid than foam. But with a thin latex mattress, it can conform to your adjustable base with no problems.
  • Hybrid - Made from memory foam, coils, and other comfortable materials, hybrid mattresses offer a little bit of everything. The foam, in particular, helps adapt to the changing base.

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