Level Sleep Review

Updated May, 2021
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Before releasing their mattress, Level Sleep spent 10 years designing, developing, and testing to ensure it was the best solution to getting quality sleep possible. With the TriSupport® layer, it keeps your spine in perfect alignment all night long, so you wake refreshed and pain-free. They also provide an incredible lifetime warranty and 365-night sleep trial.

Pick Level Sleep if...

  • You need pressure relief. Level Sleep's TriSupport® layer features three different firmness levels to support your head, lower back, and hips. These varying comfort levels adapt to the natural curve of your spine, keeping it properly aligned all night long.
  • You sleep with a partner. The all-foam design isolates motion incredibly well. You can be sure you won't disturb your partner when you get up (and you'll finally be able to sleep through their tossing and turning!)
  • You support American made. Unlike some mattress companies that outsource production and materials, the Level Sleep Mattress is made 100% in the USA with high-quality materials.

Seek alternatives to Level Sleep if...

  • You want an innerspring mattress. The Level Sleep Mattress is constructed with three layers of dense polyfoam. If you love the lift and extra stability of coils, you'd do much better on the Saatva Classic luxury hybrid innerspring mattress.
  • You're a heavier set individual. The all-foam Level Sleep Mattress lacks a transition layer. If you're a larger person, you may sink too far into the bed, causing discomfort. In this case, a mattress with more durable innersprings and coils is preferable. Check out Saatva as they have several options including the Saatva HD mattress designed to withstand people weighing 300-500lbs.


The Level Sleep Mattress is designed with a TriSupport® layer with 3 distinct firmness levels.

  • Top Zone is soft (5/10 on the firmness scale) to help cradle your shoulders and head.
  • Middle Zone is firm (8/10) designed to align your torso and back.
  • Bottom Zone is medium-firm (6.5/10) supporting your hips and legs.

Construction & Design

  • The Level Sleep Mattress stands 11" tall.
  • It's built with 3 layers of dense polyfoam designed to support and align the spine.
  • The removable and washable cover keeps you cool and is built with a four-way stretch technology.
  • First Layer: 1" comfort layer comprised of Enduroplush® HR Foam for ample pressure relief.
  • Second Layer: 3" TriSupport® layer made of Energex® Adaptive Foam.
  • Third Layer: 7" high resilience extra firm polyfoam provides stability and supports the entire mattress.

Motion Isolation

The all-foam design is exceptional at isolating motion, making this an ideal bed for couples.

Edge Support

While the all-foam construction lends itself well to reducing motion transfer, it doesn't perform as well in terms of edge support. Memory foam isn't known for being incredibly sturdy at the perimeters, so you're likely to experience some collapse when sitting or lying near the edges. If this is a must-have feature for you, we recommend the Saatva Classic. It's built with a Dual Perimeter edge support system for unparalleled security that resists sagging and roll off.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Level Sleep Mattress works with virtually any type of bed frame, including:

  • Box Spring
  • Divan Bases
  • Traditional Frames
  • Adjustable Bases
  • Platform Beds
  • The Floor (although not recommended, it can technically be done)


Level Sleep provides a very generous 365-night risk-free sleep trial. Shipping and returns are free. Plus, the Level Sleep Mattress is backed by an unprecedented Forever Warranty.

Why Buy Level Sleep?

  • You have back pain. The TriSupport® design works specifically to promote healthy spinal alignment and reduces soreness and pressure, especially in the lower back.
  • You won't feel "stuck." Some memory foam beds allow you to sink too far into the bed, making getting up or switching positions fairly difficult. With Level Sleep's 4" of highly adaptive foam, it responds really quick. This makes it incredibly easy to move around the mattress without worry of ever feeling stuck.
  • You get your moneys worth. While the Level Sleep Mattress is a bit of an initial investment, with the ability to try your mattress for 1-full year and the lifetime warranty, it's a great deal for the price.

Why Avoid Level Sleep?

  1. You aren't a fan of the mattress-in-a-box concept. Level Sleep ships their mattresses rolled and compressed in a box; it expands once opened. If you want a more hands-off delivery approach, consider Saatva. Not only are their mattresses high-quality, each one comes with Saatva's free white glove delivery service. Your mattress never ships in a box and is setup for free!

Final Takeaway

Level Sleep is a perfect choice if you want to alleviate pressure and have proper spine alignment. Their mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. You can get a great deal on Level Sleep, today!

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