Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Updated May, 2021
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For over 15 years, Novaform has been creating mattresses in the U.S. This proudly American brand provides excellent quality mattresses, and this model is no exception. It's made with hypoallergenic materials and CertiPUR US® certified foam, with a 20-year warranty. Get your medium-firm Novaform 8'' Twin Gel Memory Foam mattress, today!

Pick Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattress if...

  • You're prone to allergies: This mattress is made with hypoallergenic materials. There are no ozone depleters, phthalates, VOCs, flame retardants, heavy metals, or synthetic polyurethane foams in their design.
  • You prefer products made in the US: This mattress is designed and crafted in the U.S. This brand is proudly American, so you know you're supporting the local economy when you make a purchase.
  • You want a mattress that's CertiPUR-US® certified: This mattress meets the requirements of the CertiPUR US® regulations. Its foam is non-toxic and proven to alleviate pain from pressure points.

Seek alternatives to Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattress if...

  • You share your bed: This mattress isn't designed to fit couples, so if you're sharing your bed then you need to look for another model or brand.  Try the Saatva Classic mattress if you're looking for an affordable, luxurious mattress that's also recommended by American chiropractors.
  • You're looking for coil system support. While this mattress has a supportive foam base, it won't provide the resilient bounce you'd expect from a hybrid or innerspring mattress. If you're looking for a combination of memory foam and coils, check out the Saatva Classic. This model is Saatva's most popular, and features individually wrapped coils for custom support.


This mattress is a medium-firm level, which is great for all sleeping types and also helps those who tend to toss and turn during the night. You no longer need to struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position! It's luxurious and able to give enough way for your pressure points, with CertiPUR US® certified foam to help relieve pain.

Construction & Design

  • Height: This Novaform mattress is 8" tall.
  • 2-inch cooling gel memory foam: This foam is CertiPUR-US® certified and is proven to release pain from your pressure points. It provides enough comfort and support to your joints for you to experience a peaceful night's rest.
  • 6-inch premium base foam: This foam is also Certi-PUR-US certified and it provides an extra layer of comfort and support. It's very durable, giving the mattress a quality design that's made to last.

Motion Isolation

As the Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam mattress is made exclusively from memory foam, it provides excellent motion isolation. The gel memory foam layer cradles the contours of your body without disrupting the bed, while the Premium foam base absorbs any excess energy generated from movement. This combination of targeted body cradling comfort and energy absorbing support make this Novaform bed a great option for couples.

Edge Support

The 6" firm base provides a solid foundation when lying in the middle of the mattress, however, it does lack an edge support system. While you may not necessarily feel as if you're going to roll off the sides, the combination of memory foam and lack of reinforcement around the perimeters does make it more susceptible to sagging and early wear and tear.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Novaform 8'' Twin Gel Memory Foam mattresses are suitable to be placed on any platform bed frame or box springs. This makes them ideal for all types of spaces and provides excellent versatility.  


This mattress is sold exclusively through Costco's website, so shipping and returns are subject to Costco's policies. The Novaform" Twin Gel Memory Foam mattress includes a 20-year warranty.

Why Buy The Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

  1. You want a budget-friendly mattress: The Novaform 8'' Twin Gel Memory Foam mattress is only $249.99. It's a great option if you want to spend less than $500, without skimping on quality.
  2. You want a mattress for your child: This mattress is ideal for young children. It provides enough surface area for them to sleep comfortably, with the added benefits of memory foam.
  3. An extended warranty is important to you. This mattress includes a 20-year warranty, meaning you're covered for full 20 years if any craftsmanship issues or mattress defects occur in that lengthy-time period.

Why Avoid Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

  1. You're not a bed-in-a-box fan. This bed is vacuum-sealed and packed in a box to deliver it to your house. If you're not a fan of this delivery method, check out Saatva instead. With their white glove delivery method, each Saatva mattress is hand-delivered box free, and set up in the room of your choosing!
  2. You'd rather buy directly from Novaform. Not a Costco member and have no desire to become one? That's where purchasing this Novaform mattress gets tricky, because you need access to Costco's website, via a membership, to purchase. Consider Saatva, who makes it easy to buy online. Simply select your mattress, your firmness options, and hit the checkout button. It's that easy!

Final Takeaway

Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam mattress is a fantastic option if you want an affordable option for your child or guest room. The Novaform 8" Twin Gel Memory Foam mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. You can get the Novaform 8'' Twin Gel Memory Foam mattress for a great price, today!

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