Purple 2 Mattress (Now Purple Hybrid) Review

Updated May, 2021
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The Purple 2 Mattress (now known as the Purple Hybrid) has all the great benefits of the original Purple Mattress. In addition, it adds a base of responsive support coils for enhanced comfort and stability. If you're open to experiencing a brand new technology, try Purple Hybrid for 100-nights risk-free, today!

Pick Purple Hybrid if...

  • You want the best of both worlds. Can't decide between mattress styles? Now you won't have too. The Purple Hybrid combines individually wrapped coils with the Purple Grid™. You get to experience both materials all in one mattress.
  • You sleep hot. Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is naturally cooler than memory foam. Its open-celled grid allows air to circulate, and heat to dissipate, so that you won't sleep hot.
  • You need pressure relief. The mattress is designed to be soft and firm simultaneously. It cradles you where you want and provides a sturdier feel where you need. This keeps your spine aligned, relieving any sore pressure points.

Seek alternatives to Purple Hybrid if...

  • You want to stick with a more traditional feeling mattress. The Purple Hybrid utilizes a material (Hyper-Elastic Polymer™) unlike anything else on the market. If you're looking for a bed with a familiar feel, this may not be the right choice for you. Instead, you'd fair much better on the Saatva Classic mattress. It's a hybrid innerspring combining memory foam and innersprings. It's the bed you're familiar with, taken to a new luxurious level.


The Purple Hybrid provides a medium-firm feel ranking 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. It's slightly firmer than the original Purple Mattress due to the addition of coils at the base layer. This neutral feel makes it suitable for all sleeper types and also individuals who need extra support from their mattress.

Construction & Design

  • Purple Hybrid stands 11" tall.
  • Premium StretchMax Cover. The soft, premium stretch cover allows you to feel the support of the Purple Grid™. It's ultra-breathable side panels allow air to flow freely, so you sleep at the perfect temperature all night.
  • The Purple Grid™. A 2" layer of the patented material helps to give you spinal support and pressure-relieving benefits, all at the same time.
  • Transition Foam. 2 layers of 1" polyfoam sit above and below the coils for added comfort and structure.
  • Responsive Support Coils. 7.5" layer of coils combine with the Purple Grid™ to provide dynamic pressure relief and support. They also add years of durability to your bed.

Motion Isolation

The flexible design of the Purple Grid™ combined with layers of supportive foam absorbs movement incredibly well. And (despite having a coil base) each coil is wrapped individually, so motion won't transfer throughout the entire mattress surface.

Edge Support

Because of the inclusion of responsive support coils, this mattress has decent edge support. It resists sagging and prevents roll off.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Purple Hybrid is compatible with a variety of bed frames, including:

  • Platform Beds
  • Slatted Bases
  • Adjustable Bases


The Purple Hybrid comes with free shipping and free returns. Purple allows you to try this mattress risk-free for 100-nights. It's also backed by a 10-year warranty.

Why Buy Purple Hybrid?

  • You have back pain. The Purple Grid™ provides superb pressure relief, especially in the lumbar region. In addition, the responsive coils lift and support your spine for proper alignment. This alleviates current back pain and prevents it from reoccurring.
  • You're an allergy sufferer. Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is naturally hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. It sleeps clean so you won't have to worry about common allergens getting trapped in your mattress.
  • You sleep with a partner. Not only does the Purple Hybrid perform incredibly well at isolating motion, it has pretty good edge support. This allows couples to move about the bed freely and use the entire mattress surface.

Why Avoid Purple Hybrid?

  1. You're on a budget. The Purple Hybrid is a pretty big initial investment. While it may be worth it to some, if you're looking for a high-quality mattress that's budget-friendly, consider the Saatva Classic mattress. It's also a hybrid bed but it's priced $500 lower than the Purple Hybrid.

Final Takeaway

Purple Hybrid is an ideal choice if you want a mattress with enhanced support and superb cooling capabilities. You can get a great deal on the Purple Hybrid, today!

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