Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill Review

Updated May, 2021
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Manufactured by America's #1 mattress brand, the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill delivers quality comfort and support that you expect from their patented Posturepedic technology. Sealy ComfortSense Gel Foam provides temperature control and custom body contouring, while the ResponsePro encased coil system delivers the back support you need.

Pick the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill if...

  • You want to sleep cool. If you need extra temperature control, the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill is a great choice. This mattress features a moisture wicking cover, plus gel infused memory foam layers that draw excess heat away from your body for a better night's sleep.
  • You like the comfort of memory foam and the support of coils. This mattress combines the best of cradling memory foam and supportive coils. With the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill, you can experience the body contouring you crave without sacrificing quality support.
  • You need extra lumbar support. The Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill uses Sealy's iconic Posturepedic technology, which provides 20% more coils in your lumbar region for optimal spinal alignment and support.

Seek alternatives to the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill if...

  • You'd rather have a traditional innerspring. While this mattress has a substantial coil system, the memory foam layers make the Hybrid Silver Chill softer and more giving than a traditional innerspring. If you're not after more give, this mattress might not be for you. A good alternative is the Saatva Classic Luxury Hybrid Innerspring in both Luxury Firm and Firm feels.
  • You don't need additional cooling features. Do you currently use a mattress with temperature control? If not, do you feel like you need it? If the answer is no, you should reconsider purchasing a mattress with all-star cooling features.


The Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill is available in three firmness levels to cater to a variety of different comfort preferences. Here's a breakdown of each level:

  • Plush: This firmness level is optimal for side and combination sleepers looking for shoulder and hip pressure relief. If you like superior cushioning and feeling more "in" your mattress than "on" it, plush caters to this preference.
  • Cushion Firm: This is a medium firmness level ideal for all sleep styles, including back and stomach sleepers. Cushion firm provides the cushioning you crave with the support you need for healthy spine alignment.
  • Firm: Firm is best for back and stomach sleepers who still want a mattress that provides adequate give and responsiveness.

Construction & Design

  • The Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill ranges between 13" and 13.5", depending on your desires firmness level.
  • MoistureProtect Cover: This cooling mattress cover is designed to draw moisture away from your body while your sleep for a more comfortable night's rest.
  • ComfortSense Gel Memory Foam: This layer features surface cool technology while adapting and responding to your body's unique shape for personalized comfort and support.
  • ResponsePro Zoned HD Encased Coil System: This coil system features densely packed, hourglass coils designed to provide optimal support, with 20% more coils in the center. Encased coils move independently to reduce motion transfer.
  • DuraFlex Coil Edge System: This high-density, flexible coil border provides edge-to-edge support to increase usable mattress space and prevent roll-off or sagging.

Motion Isolation

Due to the Hybrid Silver Chill's advanced HD coil system, it's great at motion isolation. This system's encased coils target your heaviest areas while leaving the rest of the mattress undisturbed, reducing motion transfer across the bed. This makes the Hybrid Silver Chill a great choice for couples, or if your suffer from tossing and turning.

Edge Support

Just like motion isolation, this mattress performs well at providing edge support. Its Duraflex coil edge system uses high density coils around the border of the mattress to increase edge to edge support and usable surface area. This system also prevents sagging, so your bed keeps its shape for years to come.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill is compatible with box springs, slats, or platform foundations, as well as adjustable frames.


All Sealy mattresses ship free to your door inside the US, and usually arrive between 5-7 days. Sealy offers a 100-night sleep trial, so you can return your mattress risk-free within this period. The Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill is protected by a 10-year warranty.

Why Buy the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill?

  1. You sleep with a partner. With outstanding motion isolation and edge support, temperature control, and three different firmnesses to choose from, the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill has excellent features for couples who sleep together. You can sleep undisturbed with more surface area, and neither of you will overheat
  2. You want a quality mattress without a luxury price tag. One of the greatest benefits of buying a Sealy is gaining access to excellent sleep features that competitors price much higher. With the Hybrid Silver Chill, you'll definitely get more bang for your buck
  3. You toss and turn in your sleep. With this model's encased coil system and advanced edge support, you'll me able to battle movement in your sleep effectively. Both systems work together to reduce motion transfer, prevent roll-off, and isolate movement, making it easier to get a restful sleep.

Why Avoid the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill?

  1. None of the firmness levels cater to your preferences. While the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill comes in 3 different firmnesses, it's possible that this isn't enough variety for you. If none of these levels sound like your preference, consider the Sealy Posturepedic Plus, which offers 5 different firmness levels
  2. You need added warmth while you sleep. Do live someplace cold, where you battle nighttime chills? Perhaps you have low blood pressure? In any case, if your sleep concern isn't that you sleep too warm, but that you don't sleep warm enough, the Hybrid Silver Chill won't work in your favor! Skip this model if this sounds like you.

Final Takeaway

The Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill is a great option if you want quality comfort, support, and cooling features. This mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. You can get the Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill at a great price, today!

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