Serta Avesta Mattress Review

Updated May, 2021
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The Serta Avesta is a firm memory foam mattress that combines support, cooling, and comfort to deliver restorative sleep. Its PillowSoft foam eases pressure points while gel infused memory foam draws excess heat away for a cool and comfortable sleep. Plus, it's incredibly affordable, so you can experience great sleep quality for less.

Pick the Serta Avesta if...

  • You're on a budget. If you're trying to save money, the Serta Avesta is a great choice. This mattress retails for under $700 and still features the same great materials and construction that more expensive Serta models provide.
  • You like sleeping cool. The Serta Avesta features CoolAction Gel memory foam, which dissipates excess heat to keep your mattress cool and your temperature regulated.
  • You're looking for an all-foam mattress. The Serta Avesta is coil-free, but that doesn't mean it's not supportive. It has three different premium foam layers to provide body hugging comfort while keeping you adequately supported all night.

Seek alternatives to the Serta Avesta if...

  • You need more firmness options. The Serta Avesta only comes in a firm comfort level, which may not be suitable for side sleepers, or anyone who prefers a softer mattress. Check out Saatva instead – nearly every Saatva mattress comes with multiple firmness options!


The Serta Avesta has a firm comfort level, which is ideal for back and stomach sleepers who still want a mattress that provides adequate give and responsiveness. Its memory foam layers provide more softness and body contouring than a traditional firm innerspring would, so the Avesta is a particularly great choice for those who crave the softness of a plush mattress, but require firm support for their back.

Construction & Design

  • The Serta Avesta is 10" tall.
  • Serta PillowSoft Foam: This cloud-like foam layer provides pressure relieving comfort by gently cradling pressure points like shoulders and hips.
  • Cool Action Gel Memory Foam: This gel infused memory foam layer pulls excess heat away from your body to keep you cool during the night for a more comfortable sleep.
  • 6" Foam Core: This high density foam core provides stability and support to the entire mattress. It allows the top layers to properly relieve pressure while providing proper lumbar support, and also makes this mattress more durable.

Motion Isolation

The Serta Avesta performs pretty well at motion isolation as a firm all-foam mattress. The soft top layers provide targeted pressure relief and body contouring without disturbing the other side of the bed, while the foam core absorbs energy generated by motion to reduce motion transfer. With no coil system, the Avesta is less prone to bouncing as well, making motion transfer much less prevalent.

Edge Support

Unfortunately, the Serta Avesta has no defined edge support system. Without proper edge support, this bed could sag over time and create that dreaded roll-off feeling. It could also be less durable than mattresses with proper edge support, like all Saatva models.

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Serta Avesta is compatible with any bed frame, including adjustable frames, as long as the frame is the correct size for the mattress.


The Serta Avesta is only available through in-store purchasing, or through third party retailers, so shipping and returns are subject to this retailer's policies. The Serta Avesta is protected by a 10-year warranty.

Why Buy the Serta Avesta?

  1. You sleep on your back. If you're a back sleeper looking for a supportive all-foam model, the Serta Avesta is a great choice. Its firm comfort level makes sure that this mattress is supportive enough to relieve lumbar pressure and promote a healthy spine.
  2. You sleep with a partner. It can be tough to find a good all-foam mattress suitable for couples, as they're often too plush to properly withstand the weight. The Avesta's firm support core makes sure you both sleep undisturbed, while the softer top layers keep you and your partner comfortable.
  3. You want a genuine US product. Each Serta mattress is designed and manufactured in the US, so you can rest easy knowing that your Serta Avesta is a genuine US product made with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Why Avoid the Serta Avesta?

  1. You don't want to buy from a third party retailer. Buying from third party retailers can make your purchase unnecessarily complicated. Sleep trials and warranties are subject to change, shipping is often pricey, and you don't get the peace of mind you receive when buying direct. Consider Saatva instead. You can buy any Saatva product with just a few clicks directly from their website!

Final Takeaway

The Serta Avesta is a great choice if you want a supportive all-foam mattress. This mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. You can get the Serta Avesta for a great price, today!

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