Serta Glenmoor Mattress Review

Updated May, 2021
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If you're looking for excellent edge support, an advanced individually wrapped coil system, and cooling memory foams, the Serta Glenmoor mattress is a great choice. The Serta Glenmoor features Serta's most advanced Perfect Sleeper coil system yet, plus it provides cooling gel memory foam comfort and keeps sagging at bay with a double coil edge support system.

Pick the Serta Glenmoor mattress if...

  • You want the best of coils and memory foam. If you're stuck between choosing comfort or support, the Serta Glenmoor mattress is a great choice. You'll get excellent support from Serta's most advanced Perfect Sleeper coil system while experiencing body contouring comfort from multiple memory foam layers.
  • You want to sleep cool. The Serta Glenmoor features a heat reducing cover and Cool Twist gel memory foam, which  promotes breathability and pulls excess heat away from your body for a cooler sleep.
  • You sleep on your side. If you're a side sleeper, the Serta Glenmoor delivers the right amount of comfort and support for your sleep style at a medium firmness level. Your shoulders and hips feel cradled but your back remains supported for a comfortable sleep.

Seek alternatives to the Serta Glenmoor mattress if...

  • You want to buy this mattress from Serta's website. Unfortunately, the Serta Glenmoor isn't available for purchase on Serta's website, so you'll have to purchase through a third-party retailer. If you'd rather buy directly from your preferred bed brand, consider Saatva instead. Each Saatva mattress is available for purchase through their website and includes a complimentary white glove delivery service.


The Serta Glenmoor has a medium firmness level, which provides the ideal combination of softness and support for back, stomach, and side sleepers. It's a great choice for couples who sleep in different positions!

Construction & Design

  • CoolFeel Cover: The Glenmoor features a CoolFeel cover made of cool-to-the-touch fabric which creates a pleasantly cool sensation.Unique Features
  • Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam: This cooling gel-infused foam layer provides temperature control by increasing airflow and dissipating heat.
  • 1000 Edition Custom Support Coil System: This advanced coil system uses individually wrapped coils that provide targeted support and adapt to your body's movements throughout the night.
  • Excel Edge Elite Edge Support System: The Glenmoor takes edge support to the next level by using double rows of tightly packed, reinforced coils around the perimeter of the bed for maximum edge support and elimination of roll-off.

Motion Isolation

With a 1000 individually wrapped coils and quality layers of body conforming memory foam, the Serta Glenmoor is great at providing motion isolation. The coil system provides targeted support and reduces motion transfer across the bed, while memory foam layers absorb impact from sudden movements, allowing you to sleep undisturbed.

Edge Support

The Serta Glenmoor features a double coil edge support system, which greatly supports this bed's edges by strategically placing these coils around the perimeter of the bed. The Glenmoor's great edge support system means this bed will feel larger than it is, and the edges do an exceptional job at resisting sagging!

Bed Frame Compatibility

The Serta Glenmoor is compatible with any bed frame, as long as the frame is the correct size for the mattress. Avoid placing your mattress directly on the floor!


The Serta Glenmoor mattress is only available through in-store purchasing, or through third party retailers, so shipping and returns are subject to this retailer's policies. The Serta Glenmoor is protected by a 10-year warranty.

Why Buy the Serta Glenmoor mattress?

  1. You're a restless sleeper. If you toss and turn in your sleep, the Serta Glenmoor mattress is great solution. The Excel Edge double coil border prevents you from rolling off the bed, plus the body conforming memory foam layers make it easier for your body to release tension and sleep still.
  2. You suffer from back pain. The Serta Glenmoor is a great pick if you need back pain relief. Its medium firmness level still provides adequate support for back sleepers, while its individually wrapped coils adapt to your body for custom lumbar support. The foam layers fill out the hollow of your back, so your spine remains properly aligned throughout the night.
  3. You want to buy from a US company. All Serta products are designed and manufactured in the US, and have been for the last 85 years. If supporting the US's domestic economy and manufacturing industry is important to you, the Serta Glenmoor is a great choice.

Why Avoid the Serta Glenmoor mattress?

  1. You need a sleep trial. The Serta Glenmoor doesn't come with a sleep trial, which means you'll have to be sure this mattress is the right choice before bringing it home. If you can't take this risk, consider Saatva instead. Every Saatva bed includes a generous 180 night sleep trial, so you can decide if your new mattress is working for you from the comfort of your home.

Final Takeaway

The Serta Glenmoor mattress is a great choice if you want a high-quality hybrid mattress. This mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. You can get the Serta Glenmoor for a great price, today!

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