Tempurpedic Cloud Prima Review

Updated May, 2021
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One of Tempurpedic's most affordable and convenient options, the Cloud Prima features soft TEMPUR comfort layers while providing deep pressure relief from its conforming support layers. This model uses Tempurpedic's patented TEMPUR foam, initially developed by NASA and reinvented at Tempurpedic for optimal sleep.

Pick the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima if...

  • You're a combination or side sleeper. The Tempurpedic Cloud Prima features additional soft TEMPUR top layers, making this model ideal for cradling hips and shoulders, or accommodating changing sleep positions.
  • You sleep with a partner. This mattress is particularly good at eliminating any motion transfer. Any movement from your partner's side of the bed won't disturb you at all!
  • You want a luxury memory foam mattress at an affordable price. While Tempurpedic tends to be pricy, the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima is among Tempurpedic's most affordable models. This mattress provides Tempurpedic's signature memory foam feel without the hefty price.

Seek alternatives to the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima if...

  • You're a back sleeper. While this mattress is great for side sleepers, back sleepers may find that its softer comfort level doesn't provide adequate lumbar support. Look for a firmer model if you're a back or stomach sleeper.
  • You're not a fan of the bed-in-a-box concept. Tempurpedic ships this mattress compressed in a reusable canvas bag, similar to the bed-in-a-box delivery method. If you're uncomfortable with this method, the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima isn't for you. In this case, opting for a brand with free white glove delivery and setup, such as Saatva, is the better choice.


The Tempurpedic Cloud series claim to be soft where you want it, and firm where you need, blending the best of soft and firm comfort levels. While this may be true, the Cloud Series is among Tempurpedic's softest models available. Its medium-soft top layer conforms to the contours of your body and ideal for side and combination sleepers.

Construction & Design

  • The Tempurpedic Cloud Prima is an all-foam mattress standing 10" high.
  • 360 Stretch Cover: This mattress cover wicks away excess moisture and promotes breathability and airflow, keeping you cool.
  • TEMPUR Comfort Layer: This 1.2" thick top comfort layer using patented TEMPUR material is designed to be soft and responsive. This layer provides 40% more pressure relieving power than competing brands.
  • TEMPUR Support Layer: This firmer support layer slowly adapts and conforms to your body, delivering pressure-relief throughout the night.
  • Base Layer: This layer provides added support and durability.

Motion Isolation

Due to this mattress's combination of responsive and conforming memory foams, The Tempurpedic Cloud Prima performs quite well at isolating motion. The mattress adapts to each person's weight and sleep style, and minimizes any pressure points that might otherwise keep you tossing and turning at night.

Edge Support

While this mattress does have a supportive base layer, it lacks an edge support system, meaning that this mattress is not the best in class in this department. The base layer helps reduce roll-off and sagging, but it won't outperform a mattress with a Dual Perimeter edge system like in the Saatva Classic mattress, for example.

Bed Frame Compatibility

Tempurpedic mattress are compatible with any frame, including adjustable frames, as long as the frame is the correct size for the mattress. It's recommended that Tempurpedic mattresses are used with a frame and not placed on the floor.


Tempurpedic ships free to the contiguous US, and provides a 90-day sleep trial with the Cloud Prima mattress. You can return your mattress free of charge in this 90-day period. The Tempurpedic Cloud Prima includes a 10-year warranty.

Why Buy the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima?

  1. You need a sleep trial. If you're an indecisive shopper, or simply need more time to make sure your new mattress is the right choice for you, then the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima is a great choice. The 90-day sleep trial gives you 3 months of sleeps to decide, risk free!
  2. You want top quality on a budget. While the Cloud Prima is more expensive than other bed-in-a-box competitors, it's priced very affordably compared to other luxury brands and other Tempurpedic models. This mattress is great if your shopping in the luxury mattress market but you're on a budget.
  3. You need a firmness level that suits both you and your partner's needs. As a mattress that is "soft where you want it, and firm where you need it," it provides a great comfort level compromise between you and your partner's preferences.

Why Avoid the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima?

  1. You prefer hybrid comfort. Unlike other Tempurpedic models, the Cloud Prima does not have a hybrid customization option. Opt for the Saatva Claasic luxury hybrid innerspring, instead.

Final Takeaway

The Tempurpedic Cloud Prime is a great choice if you want next level quality at an affordable price. This mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. You can get the Tempurpedic Cloud Prima at a great price, today!

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