Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

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The best mattress for back sleepers should feel medium-firm to firm. It also requires adequate stability to prevent sagging for as long as possible. This may come in the form of a built-in edge support system or added lumbar support. While these features sound pricey, Saatva provides a luxury mattress ideal for back sleepers at an affordable price.

What back sleepers should look for in a mattress

It's incredibly common for people to sleep on their backs. For the best night's rest, you need to get the best mattress that adequately supports the natural curvature of your spine. This means finding a bed with the right firmness level and adequate cooling properties so that you don't end up tossing and turning at night.

1. Lumbar Support

Lumbar support refers to keeping your spine in natural alignment. The best mattress to support this has a built-in lumbar support system (like the Saatva Classic). Weight also plays a role in needing adequate lumbar support; heavier-set individuals require greater support in the "middle-third" of the bed than people who weigh less.

2. Firmness

Back sleepers require a decent amount of firmness, ideally something that qualifies as medium-firm or firm. If firmness were placed on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 where 10 is the most firm, back sleepers want something in the range of 6 to 8.

3. Stability

Back sleepers need to make sure the mattress they purchase is not going to sag any time soon. When sagging occurs, the back dips, which throws the spine out of alignment. A good innerspring or coil base is ideal for added stability.

Best types of mattresses for back sleepers

Back sleepers don't have to settle for a single type of mattress. Many varieties do the trick, and depending on your budget and personal preference, there are many different beds to look at.

Good: Latex

Latex mattresses are built to last. They offer great support and elasticity, bouncing back into their original shape after you've laid down. The only problem is that latex mattresses tend to run hot, which can make you toss and turn at night. If you move around at night, then you may end up in an uncomfortable position, which could tweak your back.

Better: Memory Foam

Foam mattresses offer a ton of variation, including gel memory foam for added temperature regulation. However, many foam mattresses don't come with the firmness level back sleepers need. Firmness can differ significantly though from one foam mattress to the next, so you just need to make sure you do your research ahead of time.

Best: Innerspring/Hybrid

The coils found in innerspring or hybrid mattresses give back sleepers the perfect amount of support. Plus, with thinner coils, the bed can more easily conform to your back's natural shape. Coils are durable, so you can be confident it's going a long time.

What mattress do chiropractors recommend?

For optimal comfort while you're sleeping, chiropractors recommend the Saatva Classic mattress. It's ideal for back sleepers since it comes with a Plush Euro pillow top that offers cushioned contouring. The other layers you find with this mattress include:

  • Edge support
  • Individually-pocketed coils
  • Spinal zone technology
  • Tempered support coil base

With this mattress, your spine stays in healthy alignment, so you wake up ready to tackle the day. You can even select whatever firmness level you want, so you can ensure it feels right to you in every way.

The #1 Mattress For Back Sleepers

Saatva is our top pick for the #1 best mattress for back sleepers in 2023! They're a luxury hypoallergenic mattress shipped directly to your door (with full-service white-glove delivery). They have over 50,000 reviews and continue to be one of the most reputable, established brands in the industry (founded in 2009). Check their price, here.

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